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eVision and SITS:Vision will be considered "at risk" from 7am Wednesday 18th September until 12pm Thursday 19th September while major infrastructure work is being undertaken to improve the technical infrastructure supporting university systems. "At risk" in this context means that an outage to the system is not expected but users may encounter some performance problems during this period.

Please note specifically that SITS:Vision users may encounter a small disruption to connection before 9am on Wednesday 18th September as services failover to the backup data centre. If you do encounter an outage you should be able to log back in within a few minutes.

If you encounter any problems at any point please contact the Student Systems Support Centre. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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The Examination Results dataviews are now available again following yesterday's issues.

This is to remind administrators involved in admissions and on course registration of the dates for student registration and the importance of marking the University Card Form as Sent/Release to Card Office in eVision. In addition, this is also to provide hints and tips and to remind you of resources available as further background information on the registration process.

Registration window for Michaelmas 2019

The registration window opens for new and returning students and staff on 1st September and closes for students on Friday 18th October. Colleges and Department can continue to register students up to Friday 1st November.

Why is it important to make the Card Form as Sent/Release to Card Office in eVision?

If the Card Form is not marked as sent ('Release to Card Office' for undergraduate admissions and 'Send Card Form' for graduate applications) in eVision, this will delay the creation of the student's on-course record (Applicant Transfer or ATR). Applicant Transfer must be completed before the University Card and Single Sign-On details for registration can be generated. It takes a minimum of three nights from when a student's University Card form is processed in eVision to their Single Sign On (SSO) being issued in order for them to log onto IT facilities. By making sure you have marked the card form as sent in eVision you are ensuring that this process doesn't take longer than it needs to.

What do I need to check I've done?

  • Mark the Card Form as sent - Once your applicant has fulfilled their conditions and you have sent the Card Form to your applicant, please make sure you mark the Card Form as Sent/Release to Card Office in eVision too.
  • Act upon any issues - If you receive a message that an on-course record cannot be generated (e.g. because a condition is outstanding) then aim to rectify the issue promptly.
  • No School or University email address - Encourage applicants to update their email addresses from school or university addresses before they return their Card Form.

Background information on the registration process

For more detailed information on the registration process please see the registration process diagram and related FAQs that can be found on the IT Services help pages.

For more user guides with information on marking the Card Form as Sent/Release in eVision please see the Training pages on our website.

If you have any further questions or require further guidance please contact the Student Systems Support Centre.



The Data Quality Team (DQT) and the Academic Records Office (ARO) will run the progression process within eVision and SITS:Vision in the week commencing Monday 19th August 2019 in preparation for Michaelmas Term 2019/20. This message is to advise you of the process so you can prepare for any changes which may affect your own systems, and to ensure you are aware that aspects of student records may change.

What is the progression process?

The progression process for this term will roll forward students who are as a Michaelmas Term students and whose anniversary of registration is in September onto their next year of study (e.g. first year students will become second year students). This will then allow students to re-register for the Michaelmas Term 2019/20 registration period. Returning students will be able to register online via Student Self Service from 1st September 2019.

What changes might I notice?

This is an important part of the system functionality and as such you will notice some changes to student data affected by the progression process, including:

  • Most of your returning students will have been rolled forward onto the next year of their study.
  • The student Enrolment status will change from 'Enrolled' to 'Ready to Enrol - Returner' until the student has re-registered in Student Self Service.
  • As students begin to register there are likely to be frequent updates to personal details.

When is it happening and what will be the impact?

Progression will be undertaken by ARO and DQT primarily between Monday 19th and Friday 23rd August, during which time the student records and the system will rollover from the 2018/19 to 2019/20 academic year. The main impact of this will be noticeable within eVision and Dataviews where the default academic year will begin to show as 2019/20.

Who do I contact for further information and advice?

If you require any further information in regard to progression please do not hesitate to contact the Academic Records Office for all matters concerning Undergraduates and Visiting/Recognised Students and the Data Quality Team for queries regarding Postgraduate Taught and Research Students. If you have any further questions regarding rollover activities please contact the Student Systems Support Centre.

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Due to examination results, Undergraduate Admissions are under embargo during July and August. Results and decisions must not be communicated outside of the university before the embargo periods end (Tuesday 6th August for Scottish Qualifications Authority results and Thursday 15th August for all other results). Users are strongly encouraged to undertake the online embargo training course developed by UCAS.

Please see the Undergraduate Admissions Handbook for further information. If you have any queries please contact Admissions Operations.

SITS:Vision and OxCort systems will be unavailable on Tuesday 30th July 07.30 to 08.00 as part of essential maintenance work needed as part of major server infrastructure changes being made by IT Services.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. If you encounter any problems outside of this period please contact the Student Systems Support Centre.

From 30th July SITS:Vision and SQL Developer will no longer be available within the Citrix tool ( Following a series of issues in July 2018 the Citrix tool is no longer considered capable of delivering reliable access to SITS:Vision or SQL Developer. For the last few months we have been trialling using the Remote App platform (in previous communications referred to as Connect Remote Desktop) to access SITS:Vision and SQL Developer in parallel to Citrix. A number of issues were encountered and resolved during the trials and we are now in a position to withdraw Citrix as a means of accessing SITS:Vision.

Accessing SITS:Vision via Remote App

To access SITS:Vision via Remote App please visit the Student Systems website for the Login to SITS:Vision button

If you have not accessed SITS:Vision via Remote App before you will find that you already have the access that you need. An email communication has been sent to all SITS:Vision users with details of how to access SITS:Vision via Remote App. Quick reference guides will be added to the Student Systems website shortly but if you require a copy please contact the Student Systems Support Centre.

Please note that the procedure for requesting access to SITS:Vision remains the same and requests for new users, a change of role or withdrawing access must come from your Information Custodian.

Further actions and future reminders

Prior to the 30th July you may wish to amend any bookmarks or links you have that refer to accessing SITS:Vision so they do not refer to Citrix. Please note that if you access any other systems or tools via Citrix (e.g. CMIS) you should continue to access them as you did before as this change only affects SITS:Vision. We are aware that IT Services are continuing to work on moving other systems off Citrix too: this will be phased in over the next few months and you will be contacted by the relevant application support teams as part of the transition.

We will send further reminders and updates closer to the date of the switchover. If you have any queries please contact the Student Systems Support Centre

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The new Examiner and Appointments Payments (EAP) system went live on Tuesday 11th June. The EAP system is a Microsoft Dynamics solution which provides Exam Boards and departments with the ability to maintain appointments and membership of Exam Board members and replaces the former NomCom database managed by the Examinations and Assessments team. Functionality to provide the ability to manage payments is also being developed and is expected to be available for Michaelmas term 2019.

For further information please visit the EAP page. If you require technical support on the functionality please contact the Student Systems Support Centre.

A facility to enable departments to record overall marks and rankings (OMAR) is now live within eVision. The functionality allows exam boards to record this data directly in eVision for undergraduate exam results and will also display to students on Student Self Service. The tool has been built following a recommendation by the Taught Degrees Panel that all examination boards should provide students with overall marks and rankings if they are calculated.


For further details on the new functionality please visit If you require technical support on the functionality please contact the Student Systems Support Centre.


The Service Report is now available for April 2019 on the Support Statistics web page.

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In May 2019 SITS:Vision, the underlying application for eVision, Student Self Service and Graduate Applicant Self Service, will be upgraded from version 9.5 to 9.7. Regular upgrades help to ensure that the University’s student records system remains supported and secure. There will be no major changes for users, however the aforementioned systems will be unavailable for the duration of the planned work, which will be during weekend hours. System users will be informed of the timing by email closer to the time of the upgrade.

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The Graduate Supervision Reporting (GSR) window for Hilary term opens on Monday 25th February. An automated email notification will be sent to students on 25th February with an invitation to submit a self-assessment report. Further automated GSR email notifications will be sent to students, supervisors, college advisors and Course Directors/DGSs at key points in the reporting period. Reports are accessible via eVision (for staff) and Student Self Service.

Further guidance and training details are available for staff on the GSR in eVision page and for students on the Student Self Service page.

Systems Availability

All student systems available!

Please also see the Systems Availability page and Notices page for further information on
planned downtime.


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