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The Examiner Appointments and Payments (EAP) system is an online tool for the administration of examiner appointments and payments processes for undergraduate and taught graduate degrees.

The Examinations and Assessments (E&A) staff website provides information and guidance on examiner appointments and payments processes, including references to relevant policies and regulations.

Support and information for users is available from the tabs below.


Access to Inspera

From 2021/22, exam board members’ access to Inspera will continue to be managed by administrators, via a task in eVision. This task is populated with data from the EAP system. Please, therefore, could you ensure that the details you enter into EAP are as accurate and complete as possible, particularly ensuring that Single Sign On (SSO) details are recorded as these are required to add access.

If you encounter any technical problems with the system please contact the Student Systems Support Centre using the details on the right-hand side of this page.

Please send any examiner appointments and payments process or policy queries to the central Examinations and Assessments team at  



Access and Data


For guidance on getting access to the EAP Portal and a summary of EAP roles please see the Getting Access to EAP page.

Data Retention

Transactional data will be held in the system for no longer than 6 years. Data about individuals will be removed from the system after they become inactive for six years or no longer require access to the system.

User Manuals
User Document Name Version Date
Exam Board Administrator



01 Dec 2022
Senior Nominating Officer



01 Dec 2022
Chair of Examiners



01 Dec 2022
Financial Countersignatory Manual 3.2 09 Feb 2022
Proctor Quick Reference Guide 4.1 09 Feb 2022
Information Custodian Quick Reference Guide 2.1 09 Feb 2022
All EAP Reports Manual - 01 Dec 2022



Examiner Appointments & Payments (Payment Module) eLearning for Exam Board Administrators available. Enrol here.





Known Issues

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This issue affects: EBAs
System area: Nominate to Multiple Boards
Using the 'Nominate to Multiple Boards' functionality may lead to the nominee exceeding their Terms of Office on one or more Boards. This will result in nominations not being created, but you might not always receive an appropriate warning message. In some cases the message will erroneously display as 'Nominations created' although this will not occur with Assessors as terms of office do not apply to Assessors.

This issue affects: EBAs
System area: Nominations
When you are creating nominations and the session times out, the system will show an error message that is blank rather than specifying that the error is the fact that the system timed out.
Workaround: If the system times out and you get a blank ‘error message’, log out and log back in again.

This issue affects:  Financial Countersignatories (FCS), Information Custodians (IC)
System area: Payment approvals
Workaround: This issue only occurs where a user holds multiple roles within EAP and neither the FCS nor the IC roles are the first recorded. The issue can be worked around by amending the order of the roles in the system. Please report the issue to SSSC who can action the workaround for you.

The 'Reports' tab in EAP remains available however reports should be used with caution particularly as they can only produce a maximum output of 5000 rows. Please look at using filters to cut down the size of the reports you are using. If you have run a report that returned more than 4900 rows of data and you need to check any of the data or have any queries about the data, please contact the Exams and Assessment team (

The 'Full Faculty Membership' flag is determined at the point that nominations are entered into EAP. Any change in membership status after this point will not be automatically reflected in the system. If you encounter this situation then please contact the Exams and Assessment team ( who will be able to update the flag accordingly.

The document upload functionality within EAP will not work on a Mac or Apple based machine. This issue remains even if you switch browser, e.g. from Safari to Chrome. Please use a Windows based machine or ask a colleague with appropriate access to upload documents for you.


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This will only appear in UG exam boards and it indicates that a casual appointment record needs to be created for the examiner/assessor before their Right to Work status can be accurately reflected in EAP and their payments can be processed. To create a casual appointment record, please contact your departmental HRIS user (or HRIS Data Centre for Humanities). Full guidance on how to create a casual appointment is available from Finance website.

This indicates that the examiner/assessor does not currently have the relevant information required in order for their payments to be processed.

PG exam board: The EBA should remind the examiner/assessor to complete the online bank details information form and submit it to Finance via the secure portal, so that the required Supplier ID can be generated.

UG exam board: The EBA should check whether the examiner/assessor has a valid/active appointment in PeopleXD via their departmental HRIS user (or HRIS Data Centre for Humanities). If not, a casual appointment record will need to be created or re-activated in PeopleXD, as per the casual payment process. If, however, a valid/active appointment already exists in PeopleXD, please contact Student Systems Support Centre.

Try refreshing the page by pressing F5. This should update the status of the nominations or payment transactions being approved.

It means that there are one or more outstanding actions for the Exam Board. To see what action(s) you need to take, log into the EAP Portal.

Because EBAs are no longer able to remove Board members in the Portal after they have confirmed their Exam Board, you will need to log a request with the central E&A team. For details and guidance, please see Section 3.3 of the User Manual and E&A Staff website.

Refresh the screen using the browser refresh button or by pressing F5 on your keyboard. Once it’s refreshed, make the necessary changes to the next Standing Order and click the ‘save standing order’ button. Repeat these steps each time you want to make subsequent Standing Order changes.

Contact the E&A Team to reinstate the nomination that has been accidentally/incorrectly removed so the individual can continue serving within the existing terms of office.

All student systems available!

Please also see the Systems Availability page for details of the status of each system. For scheduled downtime, please see the Notices page for more information.

**Please note that on Thursday 20th and Tuesday 25th June the Student Systems Support Centre (SSSC) will be unable to provide a full service. Please see the Notices page for further information.**


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