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Supporting documentation is available from the tabs below.

For system help, please contact the Student Systems Support Centre using the details on the right hand side of this page.

Please send any examinations and assessments process or policy queries to the central Examinations and Assessments team.

Most of the supporting information is available on the EAP Support area of the Education IT Programme website. This is an interim measure, whilst the Student Systems website is fully migrated to Mosaic. 

Therefore for now you will be directed to the EAP Support area of the Education IT website.

EAP Support Area

Access to EAP will managed through Information Custodians. Exam Board Administrators (Academic Administrators) and Senior Nominating Officers need to follow the access process, which is available on the EAP Support area.

Note: Chairs of Examiners do not need to request access; they will be automatically given access once they have been appointed to an Examination Board. 

EAP Support Area

Training resources are available on the EAP Support area; they include guidance for Exam Board Administrators, Senior Nominating Officers, Chairs of Examiners, and Proctors. 

EAP Support Area


In May and June 2019, the project team ran training sessions for Exam Board Administrators. The sessions covered the navigation of the system as well as interaction with both Exam Board Standing Orders and Exam Boards in EAP. For extra sessions over the summer, please visit the EAP Support area.

EAP Support Area



For an overview of known issues on EAP, and how to work around them, please visit the EAP Support area.

EAP Support Area

Systems Availability

All student systems available!

Please also see the Systems Availability page and Notices page for further information on
planned downtime.


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