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The above report for March illustrates the huge improvements which have been made in reducing the number of open incidents since a programme of work began to improve the SSSC’s internal processes from late 2016. We are pleased to announce that the number of incidents open at the end of last month was at a record low of 52 compared to 337 in the same month last year. SSSC aim to resolve over 70% of tickets received within one week and 90% with four weeks – a target that has been achieved almost every month since June 2017. From April 2018, there is a new target to ensure that all tickets are resolved within six weeks. As this is the first report we have published we have included the statistics from the last 19 months. The next service report, covering the last 15 months, will be available in the first half of May and we hope you will continue to follow our progress over the summer.

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