Academic appeals, complaints and conduct

If a student is considering making a complaint, the first step is to raise their concern with the person or service responsible for the matter it relates to. In the majority of cases, the matter will be resolved informally by that person or service. If the student is dissatisfied, however, they can raise their concern through the appropriate formal mechanism.

Complaints about the University’s academic, administrative and support services, and academic appeals, can be made via the Proctors’ Office, an independent service within the University. It will be handled by professional caseworkers (known as ‘clerks’) and supervised and decided on by one of the Proctors. The Proctors are senior officers and trustees of the University whose specific role is to scrutinise the institution’s business to ensure compliance with the proper rules, procedures and practices.

The complaints and appeals procedures are available in detail on the following pages:

The types of complaint listed below have separate procedures (follow the links for details). More guidance about other types of complaint is available.

For informal advice about complaints and appeals process, please feel free to contact a caseworker at

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