TMS Access and Roles

There are different roles within TMS, that give users access to specific actions. You can assign multiple roles to a user, however, in line with University’s policy on data protection, it is important to ensure access to TMS is only granted to those who need it.

See also the Access and Data FAQs for further information. 

  • Manages and assigns the following user roles for their Org Unit in TMS:
    • Office
    • Finance Office
    • Tutor Authoriser
    • Senior Tutor
    • Reviewer 
    • Organising Tutor with approval permission (colleges)
    • Tutor with permission to assign Teaching Assistants

Here is a list of University Information Custodians (requires SSO login). If you think this list contains the wrong person for your Organisational Unit, please contact Student Sytems. Likewise, if you are the Information Custodian (IC) for your Org Unit and you also need additional roles, please contact Student Systems who can assign these for you. As an IC, you cannot assign roles for yourself but you can view your own access to TMS via Manage User Roles.

  • Manages Org Unit details
  • Manages user profiles. This means:
    • Authorising teaching and non-teaching (Organising or Pastoral) Tutors
    • Adding and deactivating Org Unit profiles
    • Adding stints
  • Manages own Org Unit payment rates
  • Manages teaching arrangements for own Org Unit
  • Processes academic reports and payment claims for own Org Unit
  • Runs own Org Unit management and statistical reports
  • Manages payment reports for own Org Units
  • Manages payment rates for own Org Units

Note: if you already have the Office role, then you don't need this role as well

This is a new role for TMS that might be used by HR staff.

  • Manages Tutor profiles for own Org Unit
  • Authorises teaching staff
  • Acknowledges reports flagged for the Senior Tutor’s attention
  • Views and exports Org Unit academic reports
  • Views all Org Unit details, and Global Payment details
  • Views and exports Org Unit academic reports
  • Manages teaching arrangements for assigned students
  • Flags feedback for Senior Tutor on assigned students’ college reports

Additional user role for authorised Organising Tutors if appropriate for your college processes: 

  • Has responsibility for the decision on marking academic reports as 'Accepted'.
  • Manages own college teaching arrangements 
  • Submits academic reports and payment claims (simultaneously)

Additional user role for authorised Tutors who also assign Teaching Assistants to their own Teaching Arrangements:

  • Allocates Teaching Assistants
  • Manages teaching arrangements for assigned students 
  • Flags feedback for Senior Tutors on college reports  
  • Has read-only access to reports for specific groups of Students

Note: sometimes Pastoral Tutor is called Personal Tutor

  • Reads reports
  • Signs up for teaching, where set up by the faculty or department
  • Receives notification if signed up to a departmental teaching session and details change, for example location, date, time
  • Receives automated notification, sent at most weekly, if reports are available to view

All student systems available!

Please also see the Systems Availability page for details of the status of each system. For scheduled downtime please see the Notices page for more information.

COVID19 Service Update - Please see the Notices page for current status. 


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