Online Coursework Submissions from Michaelmas term 2021

New processes for managing online submission of coursework  

From Michaelmas Term 2021, summative assessments which are submissions will take place in Inspera, which is also used to deliver online exams at Oxford.

Register for online coursework submissions drop in sessions 

Demonstration sessions were held on 29 July and 9 September providing overviews of how coursework submissions will take place in Inspera. The session on 9 September included important details about the new SharePoint Online processes for results management. See below for links to the videos.  

Guidance and training for Inspera 

Training will take place in Inspera and eVision with the use of step by step, guided self-help walkthroughs. These are available 24/7, 365 days a year. This will allow you to learn at your own pace, in your own time.

See the 'Inspera demonstration videos' section below to view a quick introduction to Inspera Self-Help. 

The 'Inspera for Online Coursework Submissions: Process and Support Guide' provides a helpful overview of the processes and responsibilities involved and where to access help and support.  

Guidance and training for SharePoint Online Examining Sites 

New SharePoint Online Examining Sites will provide areas for departments in which marking, exam board activities and paper setting can be completed in a secure environment, replacing the WebLearn solution.

Sites have been built for each department with relevant exam boards. They have been created with the flexibility for administrators to add folders in whatever structure is required within their department. The main guidance document is below, with links to key sections also provided. 

Important guides 


Please send any questions to

Quick introduction to Self-Help tool in Inspera

Video from 9 September session: includes update on SharePoint Online Examiner Sites 

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Videos from 29 July 2021 session

Authoring in Inspera 

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Setting up a Test in Inspera

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Viewing coursework submissions in Inspera 

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Students will not receive any formal training to use Inspera for coursework submissions. They will instead receive a Quick Reference Guide, which is available on the student online submissions page

A practice test template has been created in Inspera for administrators to set up and share with students. It will allow students to familiarise themselves with the process of submitting coursework and the ‘look and feel’ of the platform prior to submission. The template will replicate the details in a real test as closely as possible but will necessarily remove elements of functionality (e.g. similarity reports) that might distort results.


The practice test is located in the ‘Deliver’ area of Inspera and instructions on how to enable it will be found in the Inspera self help guide. Once activated, students will be able to see the test in their 'My Tests' area in Inspera and will be able to see a record of their submitted test using the ‘Archive’ tab as they would in a real test situation once they have submitted.  

Take a look at the roles involved in managing online coursework submissions in Inspera.