Whilst eVision strives to adhere to accepted guidelines and standards for accessibility and usability, it is not possible to achieve this in all areas of the system. In most cases this is impacted by the nature of the process and associated actions you may be completing at any point in time. For example, it is not always possible to save a process half way through and return to it later, as other processes might be dependent on it, or being undertaken at the same time. We have provided some general guidance below which you may find helpful. 
If you have difficulty accessing information within any area of eVision, please contact the Student Systems Support team at We will endeavour to supply the information to you in an alternative format to suit your specific requirements. 

Accessibility guidance

Navigation aids eVision uses consistent top menu navigation, a consistent header bar (logout link) and a consistent footer bar (which includes accessibility, privacy and cookie policy and contact details). 
Tables Tables are used mainly for layout purposes.
Links To support processes and provide further information, without risking moving away from an incomplete process, links to other areas of eVision or external webpages have been forced to open in a new tab within your browser. These links all have ALT tags to announce that the link will open the page in a new browser window.
Images Graphics and links are announced by title attributes; any purely decorative graphics include null attributes. 
Visual design This site uses cascading style sheets for visual layout. If your browser or browsing device does not support style sheets at all, the content of each page is still readable. 
Screen readers eVision functionality is tested using JAWS to help ensure that developments are compatible with this screen reading software. If you experience any problems with alternative software, please let us know at
Screen refresh Dependent on the particular area of functionality within eVision, if you select to refresh your browser you may lose your data. For example, if you are half way through filling in a form and refresh the browser, you may need to populate the fields again. Please note that some modern browsers may prevent this from happening.




Systems availability

All student systems available!

Please see the Systems Availability page for details of the status of each system. For scheduled downtime please see the Notices page for more information.

COVID19 SERVICE UPDATE - Please see the Notices page for further information.


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