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Exam entry is managed by the Academic Records Office (ARO). Before students can enter online, ARO must be provided with assessment structures for the following academic year, using the assessment review functionality on eVision.

After updating the assessment structures on eVision, ARO open the exam entry window at the appropriate times and the students will automatically receive an email from the system to inform them that they can now enter via Student Self Service. There is a deadline for each exam entry window, and students who miss this deadline have to pay a late entry fee. Once the window is closed, ARO send exam entry statistics to the Chair of Examiners, the course administrator and the Exam Operations Team so they can begin the exam timetabling process

There are 10 exam entry deadlines and the ARO works with departmental administrators to identify the most appropriate deadline.  The exam entry date must be before any summative assessments are taken, and should be as early in the academic year as possible to enable the timetabling of the exams.  Where the first assessment is submitted work then the exam entry should ideally be at least two weeks before the date of a submitted assessment to enable the appropriate administrative steps to be taken.   

The exam entry dates must be finalised and provided to the ARO by mid-July for the following academic year.

The current exam entry dates can be seen on the student exam entry web page.

Students enter for their assessments via an online entry form in Student Self Service (delivered via eVision).

  • Students are responsible for entering themselves for their assessments at the correct time (the exception being programmes that contain compulsory assessments only, for which the students will be entered automatically).
  • Entries will be available to view in Student Self Service as soon as they have confirmed their selections.  Students must check their entries to ensure that they are correct.
  • If there are any queries relating to a student's entry the ARO will liaise with the relevant college/department in the first instance.

(Students on a small number of awards are entered by the Department in liaison with the ARO).

The ARO will aim to send Exam Entry Statistics and Candidate Reports to the Chair of Examiners and course administrators, and to the Exam Operations Team (who organise the timetables) within two weeks of the entry deadline. 

Delays may occur, if some students have not entered. Students who fail to meet the deadline are required to pay a late-entry fee.

Once the Exam Entry Statistics and Candidate Reports have been sent to all relevant parties, any subsequent change of options, or withdrawals, will be notified to them  by email.

If a Change of Option request will require a new paper to be set up, or a change to an exam timetable, the ARO will liaise with the Chair of Examiners, the course administrator(s), and the Exam Operations Team as necessary. It may be difficult to accommodate requested changes the closer it gets to the scheduled exam.

Students who are suspended, and due to return to sit exams/submit work during the academic year, will be required to enter for their assessments using Student Self Service by the advertised date. Students will be invited to enter by an email sent to their College email address, and they should be advised to check this account and/or have it diverted to their personal email account.

Colleges and Departments should try to engage with the student to ensure they are entered for the correct assessments, especially if the curriculum has changed. The full range of assessments may not be available to students who enter late, and may depend on whether other students have entered for the assessment (and thus it has been set) and/or whether the examiners have sufficient time to set further assessments.

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