Teaching Unit Management System (TUMS)

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Overview and Latest Updates

The consistently structured data* in the TUMS is used by other systems and services, initially the Canvas virtual learning environment (VLE) and the Teaching Management System (TMS) (delivery planned for Michaelmas term 2021). As departments do not need to provide their data separately for each system, this should save time and effort, it is also anticipated that departments may find this shared data useful in many other ways in future.

The TUMS does not replace locally managed information sources such as course handbooks and webpages, it does serve as a tool to collate some of that key information in a University-wide repository, using a consistent format and structure.

* The following types of programmes are included: award-bearing, Visiting Student and Recognised Student Programmes of Study, (these are the Programmes for which SITS:Vision is the University’s student records system). Some of the data is migrated from elsewhere (e.g. SITS:Vision) and therefore available for all of these programmes. Other data is included only where the Administering Department has added it directly to the TUMS.

Latest Updates

From summer 2021, the data will give the relevant Canvas users even more control over how they manage their course activity in Canvas, and it will power various search filters and reporting for TMS users as they begin their set up ready for Michaelmas term 2021.


A licence is needed to access this system, and there are a limited number of licences available, so it is expected that each department would have no more than two. Licence holders with access to the system are responsible for maintaining all data relating to their department’s teaching, so that accurate and up to date information is fed through to the other systems and services that make use of the data. It is expected that most departments will want to update their data before each team or annually in preparation for each new academic year.

To add or remove access, please ask your Department Information Custodian to submit a request. Please ask them to login into the OSM system using their SSO credentials, select the TUMS Access form and follow the instructions to complete the request.

Access is not limited to your own Programmes and Organisational Units so care must be taken to only edit data for Programmes and Organisational Units that you administer. The data in the TUMS also appears in other systems (TMS and Canvas initially), so the impact of changes that are made are not isolated to the TUMS.

User Manuals and Training

Training materials for system licence holders are available in two formats:

eLearning Course

This contains a short introductory video and highlights key areas of the system to get you started.

Click the Enrol  button to access the relevant training guidance video.

Name Duration Description Format Enrol
Teaching Unit Management System (TUMS) 1 hour

eLearning course for departmental administrators using TUMS.

Further information.


Online Enrol


User Manual

The user manual below contains a comprehensive guide that covers all areas of the system.


Document name Version   Date
Teaching Unit Management System (TUMS) manual   (PDF)  2.1 15 Oct 2021


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