Examinations and assessment framework (EAF)

The Examinations and assessment framework (EAF) has replaced the former Policy and Guidance for Examiners from 2019-20.

The EAF details the University's policy relating to University Examinations and assessment practices for undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses. It aligns with and expands on the Examination Regulations. It also provides more detailed guidance in relation to specific processes, primarily through annexes. It is of relevance for examiners and all other staff involved in University Examinations and assessment.

Operational guidance and policy is provided through the Examination and Assessments staff website

A PDF version of the full policy and guidance (including all annexes) is available below:

Examinations and assessment framework

A circular on changes application from 2019-20 is available below:

Education Committee circular: Examinations policy

The following annexes/pages are available separately as Word documents for ease of use:

Annex A: Examination conventions

From Annex E: Report on a mitigating circumstances notice to examiners

Also in relation to assessment the following guide is provided on the use of Turnitin:

The use of Turnitin at the University of Oxford: A guide for tutors, examiners and administrators


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