Examination preparation

Departments should, in advance of the academic year in which examinations are due to take place:

  • Establish standing orders – these set the terms for the composition of the nominating committee and the number of examiners that will serve on the examination board.
  • Check and circulate examination conventions – these set out how examined work will be marked and how the marks are used to arrive at a final classification. They should be checked at the first meeting of examiners. 
  • Complete the assessment review – a review of the assessments and assessment structures must be completed via eVision each summer.
  • Appoint examiners – this activity is administered by the Examiner Appointments and Payments team, who will send out nomination forms for Chairs and Examiners, and make Assessor nomination forms available via WebLearn.
  • Confirm Exam Board meeting dates – must be submitted as early as possible to eVision each academic year and by no later than 1 November. For full guidance on how to submit the dates, please refer to the Exam Board Dates Quick Reference Guide available from the Student Systems webpage.

Colleges should:

  • Ensure candidates are entered for exams at the appropriate times and any necessary dispensations are applied for (eg students who wish to be examined under old syllabus)
  • Consider whether they have enough invigilators and book them onto training sessions.

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