Sexual Harassment and Violence

What we do

The Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service is an award winning service that provides professional support to students who have experienced sexual harassment and/or sexual violence. We work with all students whether the experience of sexual harassment or violence happened in Oxford or elsewhere, and whether it was recent or in the past.


Our advisors are specially trained in responding to incidents of sexual harassment and violence, including domestic abuse. We offer a response that is non-judgemental, non-directive and puts the student in control of what happens next.


Our advisors will help students to:


  • Think about their options, including reporting, therapeutic, safety, and studies
  • Re-establish a sense of safety and personal agency
  • Put in place practical support
  • Work with colleges and departments to manage any impact on their academic work
  • Risk assess and implement safety plans if needed




The team

The support service is run by a team of highly trained specialist advisors and an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) who works with students going through a criminal justice route (reporting to the police).


Independent and separate support for students who have been accused of sexual misconduct is also available.






Survivors -

ISVA (for criminal justice cases) -

Accused students -


Students can also be referred to the student pages:




Professional and Welfare Staff


If you are a working with a student and have a concern, or would like some advice or reassurance, we would be more than happy to have a no-name confidential conversation with you. You can contact the Support Service on 01865 (2)89815 during office hours.


Colleagues can support the service by putting up posters, including ones designed for the back of toilet doors. If you would like materials, please email