Changes Between Full-time and Part-time Study

If a student’s programme of study is offered on both a full-time and part-time basis, he or she may apply to change his/her mode of study from full-time to part-time (and vice versa) once during his/her studies, except where the special regulations for the course prohibit any change.

Applications must be made using the GSO.4 form, and require the support of the student’s supervisor or course director and college. The student must also give the reason for the change and the term of effect. Approval of the application will be the responsibility of the relevant board.

Appropriate grounds for an application for change of mode would include employment or a significant change in personal circumstances. A change of mode of study for health reasons should not be approved unless medical evidence indicates that part-time study is feasible and full-time study is not. In other cases, a suspension is the more appropriate course of action.

Students may not change mode of study more than once during the course of their studies, unless there are exceptional circumstances. If a student wishes to change mode for a second or subsequent time, an application must be made to Education Committee.

Students should also be aware that funding bodies (including RCUK) may have their own restrictions on change to mode of study. In addition, overseas students may be restricted by their visa requirements. Changes to mode of study will affect tuition fees, completion dates and milestone dates (if applicable), and may also affect entitlement to some University and college services, and other entitlements such as Council Tax exemptions.

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