Marking in Inspera

This page explains how to access exam responses in Inspera, with marks recorded elsewhere. If you want to use the marking functionality available in Inspera, please contact the Digital Examinations Manager:

 Candidates with an SpLD

Departments must ensure that markers are aware, during marking, of candidates with SpLD where the Inclusive Marking Guidelines need to be followed. This information is available via the SpLD Status report in eVision. 

Guide to the SpLD Status Report

View responses within Inspera
  1. In Inspera, select the Grade tab, and click on the title of the relevant test. 
  2. Go to the marking workspace to view the candidates' responses. 


Note the options in the footer of the marking workspace to:

  • A - view in fullscreen
  • B - expand the marking screen (hide the menus)
  • C - navigate between candidates
  • D - navigate between questions

The footer also allows you to search by candidate number. To the left of the header, the currently selected candidate is shown. This candidate is selected globally - if you move between workspaces, the candidate remains selected. 

If you want to explore the tools and functionality in Grade further, Inspera's 'Getting Started with Marking 2.0' video is a good place to start (available at the bottom of this user guide).

Print responses to a PDF
  1. In Inspera, select the Grade tab, and click on the title of the relevant test. 
  2. Go to the Options drop-down.
  3. Click 'Print and download all submissions'

Note the options in the print screen to:

  1. A - print responses to all questions or responses to a single question
  2. B - adjust the style of the PDF
  3. C - adjust what is included on the PDF
  4. D - download the selected responses as a single PDF or as separate files


You can also download the responses for a single candidate from the overview, results and marking workspaces. Click the ellipses in the row containing the relevant candidate.  

A note on typed exams with supplementary uploads

Where students are presented with an Essay question (with a file upload allowed), the output will be two files. One file will contain any typed responses; one file will contain the PDF uploaded in response to the question (where applicable). 

If you print all candidates' responses to ALL questions, as a merged file, all the typed responses will be shown, followed by all uploaded PDFs. Printing all candidates' responses to a SINGLE question, as a merged file, will instead provide a document where both parts of an individual candidate's response to the question are presented consecutively.  


Store and share your PDFs securely  


View attached files

In the Overview workspace, the 'Attachments' column shows any documents attached to a student's submission by the Online Exams Support Desk.

attachment in overview

Attachment column


In the Marking workspace, an additional 'Attachment' tab will be displayed if there is an attachment present.

attachment in marking

Attachment tab


The Online Exams Support Desk may attach an additional file to a candidate's submitted exam response if:

  • the candidate encountered a technical issue uploading documents within their exam
  • the candidate identified a substantive error in the file they submitted (e.g. it was the wrong file, a scan is unreadable, or there are pages missing)

A file will only be attached if the Proctors' Office (or E&A under delegated authority from the Proctors' Office) have given permission for it to be marked. If the file is intended to replace a previously uploaded document, the original document or response should be disregarded by the examiners.

Departments must not mark, or attach to Inspera, work sent to them directly by a student. 

You need to be assigned as a 'Grader' or 'Planner' on a test, to view candidates' responses to it. 

These roles should be assigned by department administrators with access to the Manage Inspera Roles task in eVision. 


Inspera Self-Help Flows.

The self-help flows walk you through the processes you wish to complete in Inspera step by step, and are a great tool to use if you're new to Inspera, or coming back to it after a break. Please note: for the flows to work you must already be logged into Inspera before you click on the links below.

Downloading a single candidate's submission (from Grader screen)

Downloading all questions for all candidates

Viewing Turnitin Similarity report


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