Access to Inspera

There are two ways to access Inspera:

  • The student view (
  • The administrative view (

Any user with an Oxford Single Sign On (SSO) can log onto the student-facing platform. Access to the administrative view of Inspera is restricted.

To log in to, you must have been assigned at least one Inspera role in relation to an assessment.

What is an Inspera role?

Inspera roles control what each user can do, within Inspera, in relation to a specific assessment.

The four Inspera roles we currently use at Oxford are: author, planner, invigilator and grader.  

Who can assign an Inspera role?

Department administrators are responsible for assigning Inspera roles to themselves and to members of the Exam Board(s) they support. 

This should be done via the 'Manage Inspera Roles' task in eVision. When a role is added or removed within this task, it will typically take 10 minutes for this change to take effect in Inspera. 

The task supports adding and removing roles in bulk, and provides the University with an audit trail of who has access to which assessments. 

Where can I find the Manage Inspera Roles task?

This task can be found under the 'Examinations' tab in eVision.

If you can't see this task and think you should be able to, please contact your Information Custodian. If you need to manage access for written examinations, ask for DEPT_INSP. If you need to manage access for submissions, ask for DEPT_INSP_SB. To manage access for both examinations and submissions, ask for both DEPT_INSP and DEPT_INSP_SB. 

IMPORTANT NOTE for Department Administrators

Within the 'Manage Inspera Roles' task in eVision, you will only be able to manage roles in relation to the Exam Board(s) you support. The Exams and Assessments team define manually, in eVision, the administrator that supports each Exam Board. 

If an Exam Board you support is missing from the 'Exam Board' drop-down in the task, please contact for this information to be updated.

Where next?

Role Description

As the Author for an assessment, you will have access to the Author tab in Inspera.

From the Author tab, you can create, edit and share questions and question sets.


As the Planner for an assessment, you will be able to access that assessment in the Deliver, Monitor and Grade tabs in Inspera.

From the Deliver tab, you have full control over the test created for that assessment. For example, you can change the length of the late submission period.

From the Monitor tab, you can view a student's progress and perform a range of actions (for example, attaching an additional document to a student's submission). 


As the Invigilator for an assessment, you will be able to access that assessment in the Deliver and Monitor tabs in Inspera.

However, the actions you can perform will be limited in comparison to the Planner. 

In the Deliver tab, you can preview a test only after it has been activated by the Planner, and you cannot change the test settings.

From the Monitor tab, you can view a student's progress, but not perform many actions in relation to each candidate. 


As the Grader for an assessment, you will be able to access that assessment in the Grade and Monitor tabs in Inspera.

This is the role assigned to academic staff, to enable them to view or download scripts in Inspera. 


For a definition of the terms used above (e.g. 'question sets' and 'tests') and the different tabs in Inspera, please see the Overview of Inspera webpage


The video below walks you through the steps of how to use the 'Manage Inspera Roles' task in eVision.


Alternatively, a PDF guide to using the 'Manage Inspera Roles' task can be found here

Has the date of the examination, or deadline for the submission, been defined in eVision?

For examinations, this is done by Exams and Assessments after an exam has been timetabled. For submissions, this is done by departments

If it has not...

The eVision-Inspera integration will automatically create a test in Inspera for each assessment, but only after the date/deadline for that assessment has been recorded in eVision. 

Before this happens, you can still assign yourself a role for that assessment via the 'Manage Inspera Roles' task. The task will hold this information until a corresponding test is available in Inspera. It will then apply the given roles, and the test will then be visible to you in the relevant tab(s) in Inspera. 

If it has...

Occasionally it can take more than 10 minutes for the addition or removal of a role to take effect in Inspera. This will only happen if the eVision-Inspera integration is performing a large amount of actions at that time. Please log out of Inspera and check back later. Email if the role hasn't appeared after two hours. 

If your question isn't answered by the content on this page, please contact in the first instance. They may transfer your query onto the Exams and Assessments team, if they are best placed to answer it. 

If you need 1:1 support with the 'Manage Inspera Roles' task, you can book a support session via the Inspera Support Bookings page (a service run by the Exams and Assessments team). When selecting a service, please click the 'Show more services' button to reveal the "Manage Inspera Roles task in eVision" option. 

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