Student support plan

The Student Support Plan (SSP) is a short, summary document which identifies recommended reasonable adjustments to meet Equality Act duties. It is prepared by a member of the Disability Advisory Service (DAS) team in collaboration with the student, involving staff in colleges and departments if needed.

  • the SSP confirms student registration with the DAS, receipt of suitable evidence of the disability and provision of student consent to share information
  • it lists recommendations for study support relating to teaching and learning, including examinations and provides information, where possible, about any Disabled Students Allowance application
  • it directs staff to sources of general advice about the nature of a particular disability and describes, if necessary, any features or particular experiences  individual to the student which might help understanding of the disability

It is not designed to replace the need for a Personal Evacuation and Emergency Plan (PEEP) or appropriate risk assessments for medical or disability-related issues. Colleges and departments are responsible for undertaking this work.

It also does not list routinely building adjustments or residential accommodation adjustments; these are a matter for the relevant college or department. However, the DAS will be happy to provide more detailed information in individual cases, and work collaboratively with the student, college and department and involve the University Estates Access team where necessary.

Sharing the SSP

The DAS sends an electronic copy of the SSP to the following people:

  • the student
  • the college disability coordinator
  • the department(s) disability coordinator

Disability coordinators should then circulate the SSP or relevant information to other staff on a ‘need-to-know’ basis. Information should only be shared with those who are involved directly in providing support or services to students. Visit the Confidentiality webpage for further advice for staff.

Staff responsibility: implementing reasonable adjustments

It is the responsibility of each college and department disability coordinator to review the reasonable adjustments recommended and evaluate if they apply to their context. Disability coordinators are advised to liaise with their opposite number in the relevant college or department to ensure all adjustments are made where needed. A list of disability coordinators is provided on the Disability Advisory Service webpages on the Oxford Students website. The roles and responsibilities of disability coordinators in colleges and departments are set out on the Disability Lead and Coordinator webpage.

Student responsibility

The DAS recommends students share this document with their academic and specialist support staff, including medical staff if necessary, and use it as a basis for discussion about the nature of their disability with the staff with whom they are working.

Note: The Disability Advisory Service does not routinely share a copy of the Disabled Students Allowance Study Needs Assessment Report. It is the responsibility of the student to share this with their college or department if they wish.

Making changes

The SSP is a working document and can be reviewed when needed. Students are encouraged to get back in touch with the DAS if circumstances change. We also welcome input from staff to ensure recommendations are appropriate to the study context. If staff have questions or concerns about the content of the SSP they should feel free to contact the DAS.

Contact us:

Disability Advisory Service
3 Worcester Street
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01865 280459