Behaviour after Examinations

Student conduct within a six-mile radius of Oxford city centre and in the vicinity of all University examination venues is covered by the Regulations for the Activities and Conduct of Student Members.

Specifically, students must not in any public place within six miles of Carfax throw, pour, spray, apply or use anything in a way that is intended or likely to injure anyone, damage (including defacing or destroying) any property, or cause litter. Possessing anything with the intention of causing injury, damage or litter is also prohibited.

Additionally, students must not obstruct any public place in the vicinity (within 300m) of an examination venue by gathering there or by failing to comply with an instruction to disperse.

Students who wish to support their friends coming out of examinations are encouraged to bring flowers or balloons. Foods, liquids (including drinks) may not be brought and, if found, will be confiscated by the Proctors’ Officers or by Security Services.

The Proctors’ Officers and Security Services will be present at examination exits and will report misconduct to the Proctors. Failing to comply with the Regulations for the Activities and Conduct of Student Members constitutes a breach of the Code of Discipline and could lead to an £80 fine or misconduct proceedings (which could result in a larger fine or expulsion).

More information about student conduct and misconduct proceedings is available in the University Student Handbook.

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