Student Conduct

Part of the Proctors' role is to investigate possible student breaches of University disciplinary codes and. Reports may be brought by students, staff or members of the public.

The University Student Handbook is a good general resource for more information about the process and for links to the relevant statutes and regulations.

Please note: The colleges and University are separate entities and have separate codes of discipline and separate contractual and non-contractual relationships with students. Therefore all enquiries about college disciplinary rules and processes should be addressed to the college.

The University aims to provide a safe environment in which students can focus on and pursue their education. As part of this, the University recognises that there will be circumstances when it is desirable to put in place arrangements to limit the contact between students who are in dispute while allowing them to continue their academic studies.

Please see University No Contact Arrangement Policy for information on the provision of No Contact Arrangements (NCAs) and No Contact Orders (NCOs). If you would like to request that a No Contact Arrangement be put in place please do complete the request form and email this to  

Under Statue XI, the University Code of Discipline, the Proctors' role includes acting as the officers who ensure that disciplinary regulations are enforced. Doing so includes taking steps to:

  • enforce, and prevent any breach of, Statute XI
  • investigate any complaint that a University member has committed a breach
  • identify the person responsible for any such breach.

Less serious matters may be decided on at a Proctors' Disciplinary hearing. However all other matters dealt with under the University's disciplinary procedures will be heard by the University's Student Disciplinary Panel.

Please see University Student Disciplinary Procedure: Non-Academic Misconduct for more detailed information.

The University is committed to providing a safe, supportive environment for all students, and there are a number of services available to students to provide support to them during their studies at the University. The Oxford Student Website offers a comprehensive view of the welfare services and resources available to students, and links have been provided under the "related documents" section of this site.

Please note: complaints about supervision, teaching or other University services should be pursued under the University Student Complaints Procedure, whilst complaint about misconduct by staff should be pursued under the Harassment Policy or, in other cases, made to the relevant Head of Department.

Under the University Code of Discipline, the Proctor’s role includes acting as the officers who ensure that disciplinary regulations are enforced. Doing so includes considering students who have been reported for deliberately or recklessly breaching Regulations for Candidates in Examinations, and determining whether they should be taken through a disciplinary procedure.

Procedure for the investigation of plagiarism can be found at Annex C of the Examinations and Assessment Framework. Referrals to the Proctors must be submitted using the plagiarism referral form.

For all other conduct please email to seek advice.