Undergraduate Admissions

Detailed information is available on how to support disabled candidates through the undergraduate admissions process at Oxford by providing reasonable adjustments and promoting an inclusive approach. This can be found in the Undergraduate Admissions handbook (click on the ‘Disability tab’) or under 'Further resources' on this page.  The information covers:

  • a good practice guide on facilitating access to admissions for candidates with disabilities. This covers Oxford’s policy on access to admissions for disabled people; the Equality Act and the definition of disability; recruitment, making open days and individual visits accessible; and encouraging and responding to disclosure of a disability.
  • a reasonable adjustments for interview candidates factsheet, which gives advice on how to make the interview process as inclusive as possible, and which reasonable adjustments might be considered for those with specific disabilities.

There is also sample text available for use at different points of the admissions process: summary information about the support the University provides to disabled students, text for encouraging disclosure of a disability, and an email template for requesting more information from applicants with a declared disability.

Graduate Admissions

Detailed information is available in the Graduate Admissions handbook on how to support disabled candidates through the graduate admissions process. There is also further guidance given for departments and also for colleges.

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