To ensure effective provision is made for all, students with disabilities have a role to collaborate actively and in a timely manner with academic and administrative staff within the collegiate University. It can take some time to put everything in place and so the University relies on students to respond and act within reasonable timeframes.

Students have a responsibility to:

  • Start the ball rolling and contact the Disability Advisory Service as soon as possible when an offer of a place is received
  • Provide formal evidence of their disability, health condition or specific learning difficulty to meet University guidelines
  • Explain how their impairment has an impact on their studies
  • Work with the Disability Advisory Service to prepare their Student Support Plan and to share it as necessary with staff across the collegiate University
  • Engage with support actively if they decide to take it up
  • Use their support appropriately – their academic work must remain entirely your own
  • Let the Disability Advisory Service, disability advisor or college/department Disability Co-ordinator know if there is a problem with support
  • Advise the Disability Advisory Service of any changes in their circumstances related to their disability
  • Complete all necessary paperwork, including funding applications for disability provision, as applicable and maintain accurate information on Student Self Service

Contact us:

Disability Advisory Service
3 Worcester Street
Oxford, OX1 2BX
01865 280459