Residence requirements

Applications for a student to live outside the residence limit

Full-time matriculated students must reside within a specified distance of the University (defined by reference to Carfax Tower).

Undergraduate students must reside within 6 miles of Carfax, or within 25 miles if they hold the status of Senior Student or have already satisfied the examiners in a Second Public Examination; or reside in the home of a parent or guardian.

Graduate students must reside within 25 miles of Carfax unless given special permission to work away from Oxford for a period.

A residence limits form should be submitted, together with written evidence that the department supports the request, to the Proctors’ Office.

Applications for an undergraduate student to be dispensed from up to three terms’ residence


Undergraduate students are required to be in residence for at least six weeks in each term of their course (the number of terms being dependent on the degree, the subject and the candidate’s status). The Proctors may excuse an undergraduate from part of the statutory residence requirements because of illness or other reasonable cause (for up the three terms).

A residence terms form, and any supporting evidence, should be submitted to the Proctors’ Office.

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