What is registration?

Registration is a mandatory step for all new and current students and must be completed every year.

  • All new students (full-time and part-time) must complete registration before they can be enrolled and start their studies.
  • Current students must complete registration on the anniversary of the term they first started every year to confirm the information that the University has on file is correct.

Students need to log-in to Student Self Service to complete registration and are required to check a number of pages with data about their personal details, course details, funding source, emergency contact details and other essential information.

The registration window for students to start the online process opens on the following dates:

•    Michaelmas term:  1 September until Friday of 1st week i.e. mid October
•    Hilary term:            1 January until Friday of 1st week i.e. late January
•    Trinity term:           1 April until Friday of 1st week i.e. late April

Why is Registration mandatory?

It is essential that registration is completed for all new and current students as it captures key data that the University is required by law to report for HESA returns to the Government, it is used for our own data reporting requirements, for a number of critical admin. processes such as exam entries, accessing results and as students need to check their address and emergency contact details to ensure we can reach them in the case of any personal or national emergency in the UK or in their home country. 

Registration MUST also be completed so that students can:

  • receive their student loan payment from the UK Student Loans Company (SLC) or sponsor/awarding body (where appropriate).
  • enter for any examinations and assessments. 
  • gain access to their results when released.
  • download and print an enrolment certificate, used to open a bank account, prove student status etc.
  • ensure that they are exempt from paying council tax where applicable.
Completing Registration

How does a student complete registration?

New students will receive an email reminder from the Data Quality Team (using the e-mail address) about completing registration when the registration window opens (see dates in next section). Current students will also receive a reminder on the anniversary of the first term they started each year i.e. for some students this may be Hilary or Trinity term. 

Students will need to log-in to Student Self-Service with their single sign-on details and will then need to go through each section in turn to confirm personal and course details are correct and to add any additional required information e.g. emergency contact details, funding source, future career plans etc. There are 12 pages to work through which include their personal details, disability, contact details, study abroad plans, career plans and also a chance to opt into the right to vote. On some pages they have the option to send an email if details are not correct to get this amended. 

It will take most students around 15 minutes to complete and help for completing the sections is available on the student webpages.

When does the registration period open?

New students and current students (on the annual anniversary of the first term they started at Oxford) will be able to complete registration on Student Self Service between these dates:

•    Michaelmas term:       1 September until Friday of 1st week i.e. mid October
•    Hilary term:                 1 January until Friday of 1st week i.e. late January
•    Trinity term:                1 April until Friday of 1st week i.e. late April

How does the registration process differ for new and current students?

New students have to follow two steps:

  1. They need to complete online registration on Student Self-Service when they have their SSO log-in details and the registration window is open: and...
  2. Students need to be enrolled by the college (or department if they do not have a college). This will require the college/department checking documents and then enrolling the student in eVision section of eVision (see next tab on how to do this).

Note that new students will only have access to complete the registration process on their Student Self-Service portal once they have returned their university card form and received their single-sign on details from IT Services. Students who complete their registration in their first year will gain full access to all functionalities within Self Service (including generating an Enrolment Certificate) once they have been enrolled by their college/department.

Current students only have to complete one step:

Current students progressing to the second/third/fourth year of the same course, only have to complete online registration, and do not need their college/department to enrol them. Once completed, they can download the enrolment certificate for that academic year. Registration is on the anniversary of the term they first started at Oxford and only requires completing once a year. If they complete one Oxford course e.g. BA and progress to another Oxford course e.g. Masters they will need to complete both steps as above.

How to enrol students on eVision

How do colleges/departments enrol new students in eVision?

College/department staff need to access eVision and:

  • click on the 'Student Records' tab;
  • then Select the 'Enrolment' tab and enter the relevant student’s details;
  • and then click ‘Enrol Student’ when prompted. 

You MUST check that the student has completed the online registration part for all new students before you do this and this will appear as a date in the ‘Date Verified’ field on eVision.

If a student has not completed the online registration i.e. there is no date in the ‘Date Verified’ field then do not give them the University card or enrol them, ask them to complete the online registration first and contact if they are unsure of any steps.

Once a student has completed online registration (verified details) and the college/department has enrolled them on eVision the student will then be able to download the enrolment certificate used to verify their student status, this might be used as proof of student status to open a bank account, show a financial sponsor etc.

Note: you do not need to do this step for current students (those going into second/third/fourth year of same course), as explained in the section above, as they only need to complete the registration part online once a year.

Are there any exceptions?

Some Recognised Students (PhD students registered overseas and visiting Oxford for one to three terms) may need to be enrolled by their GSA at their department's request if the department does not have the power to enrol students on eVision. 


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Students can check the Registration webpage for frequently asked questions and see the registration guide. If they still require assistance, they can contact for advice.

Include reminders in your communications to new students that they must complete their online registration when prompted by email from  in early September, and then enrol at the college/department for the second and final step. Remind them that failure to complete both steps in order and on-time could have course and financial implications for them as explained on the Registration webpage.


Most administrators will lose the power to enrol a student on eVision after First Week. If a student's enrolment still needs to be completed after this their college should ask the Academic Records Office to do this ( in the case of undergraduates or the relevant GSA in the case of graduates. In all cases, the student should have ideally completed the online part of registration on Student Self Service and the college (or department) must be satisfied that they are on-course.

New students need to have returned their University card form first to get their single-sign on login and password. This will be sent to them by IT Services about 5 days after their card form has been processed at the card office. There may be some delays in the busy summer period.

This is not recommended as it means we would not have their emergency contact details for any personal or national emergencies, they may be excluded from council tax exemption, funding may not be released and they would not be able to enter for exams or receive their results. Instead, you should ask the students to urgently complete online registration the same day and chase them to make sure they do so before completing their enrolment. If genuine technical problems prevent them from doing this and an enrolment deadline is looming then it may be permitted to complete their enrolment (as long as you are 100% satisfied they are on-course). The student/s should then be encouraged to complete the online part of registration on Student Self Service afterwards as soon as they can.

Yes, after they have completed the online part of registration they can update their details during the rest of year and are strongly encouraged to do so, i.e. to keep their contact details up-to-date

For undergraduates, graduate taught and graduate research students access to Student Self Service expires 23 months after their completion date/University card expiry date (but the ability to update contact details there will only last for 11 months). For other students access terminates one day after their University card expires. Students without access to Student Self Service (for technical reasons, or because access has expired) may need assistance from their College/Department in receiving their results, and booking their degree ceremonies.

You can also see the Registration webpage for students for further FAQs or contact for help.

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