Other complaints

College services (academic and non-academic)

Students should take up a complaint about any college matter – including college teaching and examinations – with the relevant college officer. Help and advice is available from the college Dean, tutor, Senior Tutor, Academic Administrator, or JCR, MCR or OUSU representative. Colleges will have a complaints procedure, usually to be found in college handbooks. The Proctors have no jurisdiction over college matters, including the college teaching quality, collections (internal college examinations) or college disciplinary procedures.

Staff conduct

A complaint about the behaviour of a University staff member should be made to his or her department head or, in the case of a conflict of interest, to the head of division. If the staff member is employed within the University Administration and Services (UAS) or Academic Services and University Collections (ASUC), students should write to the relevant head of that service. In cases where it is not immediately clear to whom a complaint should be addressed, advice may be sought from Personnel Services.

University departments

UAS sections


Personnel Services

Student conduct

If a student feels that another student’s behaviour towards them constitutes harassment,  guidance and support is available via Student Welfare and Support Services - Harassment. Student Welfare and Support Services can ensure that they have access to appropriate support, including, if appropriate, through making a formal complaint to the Proctors. Students can take advice about the formal harassment complaint procedures – including whether the matter is one that can be dealt with under the University’s procedures – please contact one of the Proctors’ Office caseworkers: casework@proctors.ox.ac.uk or 01865 (2)80185 or 70093.

Where another student’s conduct does not constitute harassment:

  • to report unruly behaviour on University premises or in the vicinity of an examination venue during or after an examination, contact the Deputy Marshal or the Proctors’ Officers via deputy.marshal@proctors.ox.ac.uk or on 01865 (2)87394 or 77223
  • to report misuse of library facilities, such as ‘card passing’, contact the Deputy Marshal or the Proctors’ Officers via deputy.marshal@proctors.ox.ac.uk or on 01865 (2)87394 or 77223
  • to report academic misconduct, such as plagiarism or procuring or offering essay-writing services, contact casework@proctors.ox.ac.uk or 01865 (2)80185 or 70093

Research integrity

If someone suspects that misconduct in research has taken place, the procedures for reporting are detailed in the Code of Practice and Procedure for Academic Integrity in Research.

Prior to making any formal allegation, sources of advice and support include fellow researchers and colleagues, supervisors, mentors, Senior Tutors, Proctors, Directors of Graduate Studies, heads of department, faculty or division, Research Ethics Committees, Research Services, or Oxford Students Union (OUSU).

Public interest disclosure

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 provides employees with legal protection against being dismissed or penalised as a result of disclosing certain serious concerns (‘whistle-blowing’); such concerns might include criminal activity, danger to health and safety, or professional malpractice.

The University’s Public interest disclosure (whistle-blowing) code of practice, made in accordance with the Act, also provides protection for student members wishing to report serious concerns.

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