New Courses and major changes to courses

The Policy and Guidance on New Courses and Major Changes to Courses (Including Closure) outlines the University’s policy requirements for and process relating to the approval of:

  • new courses (and new course set-up)
  • major changes to courses
  • closure of courses

It also includes guidance on:

During the 2023-24 academic year the approval processes for new courses and modifications to current courses are under review; new guidance will be published here when available.

The full Policy and Guidance (including all annexes) is available below:

Once the course has been approved it will need to be configured in student record systems.  To initiate this process please refer to the Programme of Study set-up form (Sharepoint page) which is the practical side of setting up a new course.

The following annexes are available separately for ease of use:

Contact us

For policy guidance on new courses and major changes to courses contact:

Education Policy Support

For guidance on the Programme of Study set-up form contact:

The Data Quality Team (DQT)