Columns and saved views

The Columns icon appears in locations across Inspera, including:

  • the Author tab, within both the Questions and Question Sets areas
  • the Deliver tab, where Inspera tests are listed
  • the Monitor tab, where candidates' progress in their test(s) is visible
  • the Overview workspace within the grading screens


  1. Click on the Columns icon in the top right of the screen
  2. Tick the columns you wish to display


Save this view

Where there is a 'hamburger' icon next to the Columns icon, you can save your current view. The saved view will appear under 'My Views' in the left of your screen.

After you have selected any columns you want to display, or filters you want to apply:


  1. Click on the hamburger icon
  2. Select 'Save as View'
  3. Name your view, as is appropriate to you


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