Infectious diseases

If a student is diagnosed with an infectious disease (also called a ‘notifiable disease’), the doctor who has assessed the patient must notify Public Health England. 

If you become aware that we have a student with a notifiable disease (even if just suspected/being tested), please let the Director of Student Welfare and Support Services know by e-mail:

The full list of notifiable diseases is available online.  Most common amongst the student population are:

  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Meningitis

Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases have been confirmed in the UK and it is recommended that staff and students follow infectious diseases advice if there are any suspected cases in the collegiate University. Advice directly relating to coronavirus is available on the University website.

Public Health England (PHE) will conduct a risk assessment with the relevant doctor and may provide public health advice for the wider college or department community.  If you are asked to circulate specific health advice to other students, please copy in

Where there are multiple cases of the same disease across the University, PHE will usually liaise with the Director of Student Welfare and Support Services to send out university-wide communications.

If you suspect that any student has contracted an infectious disease, please support them to seek medical advice immediately either from their College Nurse or GP (or NHS 111). 

See the Infectious Disease Workflow for further information about what to do as and when a suspected case arises.

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