Collaborative arrangements

In accordance with the policy the University maintains a ‘Register of collaborative arrangements involving students’ which records the following categories of arrangements:

  1. taught collaborative courses
  2. collaborations involving postgraduate research students
  3. minor collaborations (involving limited teaching or the use of specialist facilities and resources)
  4. international placements: student exchanges, language placements and years abroad (when not arranged on an individual student basis)

The register is updated annually and overseen by Quality Assurance Subcommittee. The current register is available for staff and students below:

Register of collaborative agreements 2020-21

The University is also required to publish information regarding its partnerships for delivering higher education provision collaboratively – relating to categories 1 and 2 above. 

Collaborative higher education partnerships

The University's Policy and Guidance on Providing Education with Others should be consulted if you are planning or have been approached with a view to setting up a collaborative arrangement.

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