Updated health messaging for students

All new and returning students are being encouraged to get vaccinated, get tested for COVID-19, and follow the University’s new health advice. The University’s updated health campaign launched today, encouraging all staff and students to 'Be responsible. Be considerate. Be safe'. 

As part of the campaign, students are being asked to;

  • Get vaccinated as soon as possible

  • Get tested for COVID-19 before travelling to university, when they arrive, and twice a week while they are in Oxford

  • Follow the government rules regarding self-isolation and the University’s wider health guidance in relation to face coverings, respecting people’s space and handwashing.

message was sent to all new and returning students today, which can be found on the University coronavirus communications page. More detailed advice for students is available on the students page.
health communications pack is now available on SharePoint, and colleagues are invited to reinforce this messaging among the student body in advance of Michaelmas term.

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