Processing of University card forms and Single Sign On details for new graduate students

There have been some delays in processing card forms which is a necessary step for SSO details to be issued to new students. If departments receive enquiries from students who have returned their card form but have not heard back, or more generally enquiries about log-in details, please use the following text in response.

Thank you for your enquiry about [e.g. your log-in details, your card form]. [If you have not returned your University card form as instructed in our email of [date], please do so as soon as possible. OR: Your card form is currently being processed.] You will then receive your Single Sign On (SSO) with an activation code in an e-mail from IT Services. This may take a little time, but you will receive this information in time for the start of your course. Once you have activated your SSO, you will then be able to access your Oxford e-mail, Student Self Service and other online resources.

[Please amend where appropriate]

If you have any questions or issues contact

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