Revised administrative processes for carry forward of assessment marks

Education Policy Support (EPS) and the Academic Records Office (ARO) have revised the administrative processes for the carry forward of student assessment marks which is often required when a student suspends studies.

There are no changes to the regulations which are available on the exam regulations website

These changes aim to simplify the process and more clearly distinguish between routine notifications and requests for a variation to the regulations.

From Hilary term 2020, all notifications for carry forward of marks should be submitted using the designated form found on the on-course dispensations webpage. This should be sent to unless a dispensation from the regulations is required then it should be sent to

When a suspended student has completed assessment before the official start of the suspension, the ARO needs to be informed. A carry forward form should be completed by the college (UG) or department (PGT and OUDCE) and sent to the ARO. If a variation from the regulations is required, the form should be sent to EPS.

Detailed information about the change in administrative processes and the new form is available on the on-course dispensations webpage