Oxford for Oxford – Making History workshop

The Oxford for Oxford project works with state schools in the Oxford area, focusing on schools located in areas of low participation in higher education. It aims to support pupil attainment, share information about the opportunities available in higher education, and to ensure that schools, students and families are able to access the resources of the wider University. 

In late October, Oxford for Oxford is running a workshop with Year 9 students from Oxford city secondary schools to explore the Making History exhibition at Magdalen college. This exhibition showcases the experience of marginalised people and raises awareness about how they have been historically been represented and misrepresented. 

The workshop has been specifically designed by Oxford for Oxford, Magdalen College and Oxplore to help the students to gain further understanding of the topics and themes that will be explored when they move into learning the Key Stage 4 curriculum. They will look at the work of Oscar Wilde and Alain Locke, and explore a number of themes such as self-identity, societal influence, unknown stories and historical fact. By visiting Magdalen College, the students will be able to experience the college where Oscar Wilde studied, and learn about what influenced one of the most celebrated writers of the late 19th century.

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