Disability Advisory Service (DAS) Student Support Plans (SSPs) now on eVision

The Disability Advisory Service (DAS) has now launched the Student Support Plan (SSPs) in eVision. Disability Coordinators in colleges and departments will be notified when a new or updated plan is uploaded, and are able to:

  • View from eVision the latest SSPs for all students matriculated to their college or enrolled on programmes within their department
  • Share access to SSPs to any staff member in the university who needs to be aware of a plan so that reasonable adjustments can be implemented effectively

When a Disability Coordinator shares a plan with another member of staff, they will be notified that the plan is available to them, how to open it (securely), and what to do next.
Students will also be able to access their SSP from eVision and see which members of staff have been given permission to view it. 

The DAS Staff Guide contains detailed information about SSPs and also about confidentiality and sharing disability information.  A list of college and department Disability Coordinators can be found on the DAS contacts page. Contact the Disability Advisory Service if you have any questions: disability@admin.ox.ac.uk.