Contextual data training course and admissions training

The University has changed its policy on the use of contextual data and flagging for 2020 entry UK-domiciled applicants. The new approach is much more granular than that which it replaces and has been introduced to support the more effective identification of under-represented and disadvantaged students. The new contextual data policy aligns with the admissions targets set out in the new Access and Participation Plan 2020-21 to 2024-25 and will help tutors identify applicants for the Opportunity Oxford programme.

Contextual data training
There will be a significant change in the way contextual data will be used in the admissions process. Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach (UAO) has put together a short online training course on Contextual data and flagging changes, which includes:

a)    new policy on contextual data
b)    use of new contextual measures in the admissions process
c)    an introduction to the composite score, bands of disadvantage and the course percentile rank 
d)    changes on UCAS forms and data visibility on ADSS

The training course is accessible online and takes 20-30 minutes to complete.


Admissions training
UAO is also launching the existing admissions training courses and have integrated the full content of the contextual data training into these packages. Therefore tutors who are undertaking the mandatory Initial or Refresher courses, do not need to do the separate training on Contextual data. Further information can be found in the Admissions Handbook.


Reporting on training completion
The records of who has completed the courses are available to Tutor for Admissions (and their supporting administrators) on a Sharepoint site (SSO required). The new records will be added to the site from mid-October. The reporting tool has been improved to simplify the process of searching for records and provide more granular information on who has completed the training. Instructions on how to navigate and search for records is in the Admissions Handbook.


Guidance and documentation
The Contextual data section in the Admissions Handbook has been fully updated with new information. UAO has also produced a new Quick Reference Guide. Below is a short guide on how to enrol on a Canvas course.

Contact the Admissions Operations team if you have any questions or comments.

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