LFD testing and self-isolation if students or staff have symptoms

The University is providing LFD tests through the NHS for twice-weekly routine testing to help identify infectious cases before symptoms develop. If students or staff develop symptoms between LFD tests, they must stop taking them and they (and their household) must immediately self-isolate and assume they have the virus. They must book a confirmatory PCR test as soon as possible and they should only stop self-isolating if their PCR test is negative. They can book a PCR test through the University's Early Alert Service, and the results are usually reported within 24 hours – shorter than NHS testing services. 

Please note that if they are symptom-free and have been told they are a close contact or a member of their household is positive, they should self-isolate. A negative LFD or PCR test result will not release them from their responsibility to complete the full self-isolation. Students and staff should only book a PCR test if they develop symptoms, and follow NHS guidance.