Academic transition support package introduced for 2021/22 academic year

A new package of support is being introduced for undergraduate students arriving in the next academic year, in response to the considerable disruption they have experienced to their schooling and learning due to the pandemic. Oxford Transition Support is intended to reduce the risk that this disruption will widen existing inequalities in subject knowledge, academic skills and confidence that students bring to Oxford. It is primarily focused on incoming undergraduates, but may also be useful for new taught postgraduates, as well as returning students.

A new visual identity has been created so that central, departmental and college materials can ‘badge’ their materials to align with the University-wide package. Colleges and departments are asked to share links to any local resources for inclusion on the University webpage by contacting

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) will separately coordinate additional resources and support activities for staff. Details will follow in the near future.