Academic mitigations for students

Education Steering Group has agreed the broad principles of a new package of measures, designed to ensure all students receive fair assessment outcomes, in light of this year’s exceptional circumstances. This ‘assessment support package’ will include: 

Measures for whole cohorts: 

Exam Boards will be asked to introduce new measures to ensure this year’s students are not disadvantaged relative to pre-pandemic years. This will include comparing the overall mean and spread of marks at paper level and adjusting by scaling where necessary.   

Measures for individual students:

The Mitigating Circumstances notice to Examiners (MCE) process will be enhanced this year.  Students will be able to make MCE applications setting out pandemic-related disruption, without independent medical evidence, and are encouraged to keep a log of any disruption to their studies.  

Consultation on the details of these processes is underway, and full information will be published by the middle of this term. Details for students are available on the Teaching and learning page of the Oxford student coronavirus response site.