Access and Participation Plan

The plan must be approved by the Office for Students (OfS) in accordance with the Higher Education and Research Act 2017.

The University of Oxford’s Access and Participation Plan includes details of current access targets, other access, success and progression measures, and financial and other on-course support available to students.  

Access and Participation Plans:

In February 2019, the University submitted a review of its undergraduate financial support package to the Office for Students in support of the development of the University of Oxford’s 2020-21 Access and Participation Plan. For further information about Oxford’s fees and funding arrangements for undergraduate students, visit Click to view a copy of the Review of the Institutional Undergraduate Financial Support Package.  

Before the 2019-20 plan, universities had Access Agreements with the Office for Fair Access (OFFA).



Previous Access Agreements:

Previous agreements approved by the Office for Fair Access (OFFA) are archived on the Office for Students (OfS) website.

Office for Students Transparency Data:

OfS Transparency Data for the University of Oxford.

Impact Reports:

University of Oxford 2019-20 Impact Report

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