AAD News Alert

The AAD News Alert is a subscription-based fortnightly email bulletin. It contains news, updates, events and deadlines relating to student administration in its widest sense.


To subscribe to the AAD News Alert send an email to: aad_news_alert-subscribe@maillist.admin.ox.ac.uk from the email address you wish to subscribe from. This is an automated email so you won't need to include a message or subject. You will receive an email back asking you to confirm your subscription to the AAD News Alert mailing list, simply follow the instructions to complete your subscription.


You can unsubscribe from the AAD News Alert by logging into the List of Lists on the UAS Mailing Lists Server, using Single Sign-on (SSO), and selecting to unsubscribe from the AAD News Alert mailing list (aad_news_alert@maillist.admin.ox.ac.uk) from your list of subscriptions.


Email the AAD Communications team at academicadmin.comms@admin.ox.ac.uk to become a regular contributor or to utilise this channel as part of your promotion or communications plan.

Read the latest news

Read the latest academic administration news on the Academic Support news page.

University Bulletin

The University Bulletin is a roundup of news and activities from across the collegiate University which is sent to all members of staff. 

E-newsletters and data privacy

AAD Communications e-newsletters are sent using Adestra. This is approved for use at the University by IT Services and Legal Services and aligns with relevant data privacy and information security policies.

Adestra uses an analytics tool to record how many times the email is opened and which links are clicked within it. This data, is hosted in the UK on a secure server. It is used by the AAD Communications team in an anonymised and aggregated form to ensure that content is as relevant as possible. Individual user data is not monitored, and no personal data is shared with any other teams within the University, or with third parties. If you have any questions about this, please contact academicadmin.comms@admin.ox.ac.uk.

Contact us

AAD Communications
University Offices
Wellington Square
Tel: 01865 284847
Email: academicadmin.comms@admin.ox.ac.uk