Student Conduct

Most students at Oxford are subject to two disciplinary codes: the regulations/bylaws of their individual college, and the University's statutes and regulations.

Part of the Proctors' role is to investigate possible student breaches of University disciplinary codes and, where appropriate, to refer alleged breaches to the Student Disciplinary Panel. See the University Student Handbook for more information about the process and for links to the relevant statutes and regulations. All enquiries about college disciplinary rules and processes should be addressed to the college.

There are additional considerations where the conduct complained of would constitute a serious criminal offence if prosecuted in the criminal courts, because of the seriousness of the allegations. See Disciplinary Complaints Against Students - Serious Criminal Conduct   

To report student misconduct:

  • if the misconduct involves harassment, the first step is to consider the options set out on the student welfare pages of the University website. Informal action may be appropriate, for which support is available, as described on the page linked below. If informal action is not appropriate, or has been tried and failed, the next step is to contact the Director of Student Welfare and Support Services, who will help you consider your options and ensure that you can access appropriate support in cases involving University staff and other students, including through the formal complaint stage. Information about contacting her are also on the page linked below. There is also a flowchart of the harassment procedures as they apply to students. 
  • for any other type of misconduct, please email to seek advice.


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