Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for student-facing staff

This page provides information for colleagues in departments and colleges with questions about the impact of coronavirus on students. For more general information about coronavirus, please refer to the University COVID-19 website.

Planning for the 2021/22 academic year

The UK Government has stated that higher education providers should plan for no social distancing or restrictions to in-person teaching in the 2021/22 academic year; and have contingency plans in place to respond in the event of an increase in cases.

Education Steering Group has now published the University’s Expectations of Teaching and Assessment in Michaelmas term 2021. It outlines that in Michaelmas term 2021 the University’s approach will be to return to in-person teaching as much as possible, while retaining online content which is valued by students as inclusive.  

Departmental planning should remain mindful of the fact that not all students may be in Oxford (for example, those in red-list countries). Online support will be required for these students, although restrictions in some territories may limit remote provision in some cases.

For information about Return to On-site Working to facilitate in-person teaching, please refer to the RTOSW webpage. For more detailed staff guidance relating to education and students, please refer to the pages below (staff SSO required).

Information for students is available on the student page of the coronavirus website.