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AAD News Alert

The AAD News Alert is a subscription-based fortnightly email bulletin containing news, updates, events and deadlines relating to student administration in its widest sense. Email the AAD Communications team at to become a regular contributor or to utilise this channel as part of your promotion or communications plan. News items are added to the Academic Support News page.

To subscribe to the AAD News Alert send an email to from the email address you wish to subscribe from. This is an automated email so you won't need to include a message or subject. You will receive an email back asking you to confirm your subscription to the AAD News Alert mailing list, simply follow the instructions to complete your subscription.


Academic Registrar's Briefing

The Academic Registrar's Briefing is a termly event that gives those involved in student-facing and academic administration positions a chance to hear and ask questions about important internal and external developments. It also offers an opportunity to meet others working in similar roles across the collegiate University. The event is open to all, but is particularly relevant to colleagues in academic administration roles across the collegiate university, including senior tutors, bursars, admissions co-ordinators, departmental/college administrators and divisional office staff. If you would like to find out more about this event, email the AAD Communications team at

The Aardvark

The AArDvark is a montly e-newsletter sent to all AAD staff which shares achievements and news from across the division, as well as updating staff on any relevant changes – policies or people – to the division and University as a whole. Contact the AAD Communications team at for more information.


AAD Open Sessions

The AAD Open Sessions is a regular series of events that provides AAD staff with a chance to get together and discuss important developments that impact us all, and discuss our response. It also provides an opportunity to meet others across the division. Contact the AAD Communications team at for more information.

The AAD Communications team is responsible for the strategic management and operational delivery of communications to on-course students, as well as student-facing and AAD staff. Contact us at

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