Administrative Checks

The first stage of the University Academic Appeals process involves the student discussing any concerns about the assessment process or outcomes informally with their subject or college tutor, Senior Tutor, course director, director of studies, supervisor or college or departmental administrator as appropriate. They will be able to explain the assessment process that was undertaken and may be able to settle the student's concerns. The students must not raise queries directly with the examiners.

As part of this stage, the student's college may be able to request an administrative check of their results, via the Proctors' Office. The Proctors will authorise an administrative check if:

  • there is evidence of procedural error in the marking of the paper or reporting of results; and/or
  • the result is more than 10 marks out of line from the average of the remaining papers and a change of mark for the paper is likely to affect the candidate's overall classification; and/or
  • the paper received a fail mark.

The check will involve asking the chair to confirm that:

  • all submitted material and answer books are accounted for,
  • all marks have been correctly recorded, and
  • the procedures outlined in the board's conventions and standing orders have been followed.

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